Sensory Toys for Young Kids

In this post we will present you some sensory toys that can be done at home easily. They are composed of different elements that provide a rich experience to small kids helping them to develop their senses – visual, tactile, olfactory – as well as fine motor coordination. Playing with this kind of toys, kids acquire the knowledge of colors, shapes, sizes and textures.

Beware: It is important for parents to pay attention to the age of the children: if they are too young, do not put small toys that can be swallowed and offer other risks to the little ones.

Sensory Discovery Bottles

To do this idea you need transparent plastic bottles and materials of different natures that call attention: glitters, beads, water with oil, paint… Fill the bottles with these materials to get different results and interesting effects. Remember to seal the bottle putting some strong glue on the cap.


Tugging Can/Boxes

This toy consists of decorating a box or a can using different materialsthat can be tug by the kids. Make some small holes in the box and pass some ribbons, elastic strips and threads through the holes. This toy can help to develop kid’s fine motor skills.


Sponge Shapes

Sponges are a good sensory material to be used, especially with the smaller ones. To make them more attractive you can cut the sponges in different shapes and even do small pompoms with them. Let the kids play while they are having shower or outside in hot days.


Moon Sand

The moon sand is a fluffy and thin type of sand perfect for kids knead and shape. It is a very cool sensory activity that stimulates senses as tact and sight. You can find moon sand in toy shops but they can be very expensive. To do it at home you just need to mix 6 cups of flour with 1 cup of vegetable oil. Mix well until you have a moldable consistence. If you want to give some color use some food coloring.


Jelly Discovery

This delicious and colorful ideais one of the favorites among kids. The idea here is to hide some objects inside a big box full of jelly and let the small ones explore it. If you want you can also put some pieces of fruits like apples and strawberries and let them eat developing their tact and taste.


Shapes and Colors Box

This toy can help children learn how to differentiate shapes, colors and sizes in a fun and interactive way. You just need to draw and cut some geometrical forms in a cardboard box, chose a color for each one of the shapes and find objects that can be used in each hole.