New shelves Decoration

Kids’ room always needs shelves! Apart from the decorative purpose, they are useful to store all the toys, books and decorative objects that kids (and their parents) like to have in their room. However, simple and common shelvesare not the best choice for a kids ‘room since this place must have a lovely and fun atmosphere as their owners have. So we decided to look for creative and cool ideas to be used as shelves in this place. Have a look at them and choose your favorite one! There are options for all tastes and ages!

Round Shelves

This kind of shelf is really lovely and cozy. Apart from not storing lots of things, they are perfect to place soft toys and dolls! They give a nice look to the room and bring a fun decorative look!

Creative shelves for kids’ room 6

Swing Shelves

What can be more related to kids than swings? One of the favorite toys of kidscan be part of their room to store soft toys and dolls. There are lots of different options to make this idea. You can use ropes and pieces of wood or common shelves hanged in fabric belts. Use your imagination and create a fun place!

Creative shelves for kids’ room 5

Planters and Basket Flowers Shelves

Yes! You can use plastic planters or metal baskets, originally used to place flowers, in your kid’s room! They are perfect to store toys and books and give a funny look to the decoration. Use spray paint to change the planter´s color and match with the room color, then hang them on the wall and it is done!

Creative shelves for kids’ room 4

Honeycomb Shelves

If you prefer something more geometrical but not those common squares and rectangles you can try the honeycomb shelves! They’re perfect for books, craft materials and toys! You can use as many as you want and arrange them in different directions to give a modern and creative look.

Creative shelves for kids’ room 3

Skates Shelves

Boys will love this idea. Why not use their favorite toy as a decorative piece in their room? Buy some cheap skates (not professional ones) to use as shelves and create a radical look to your son´s room. Place some books and small toys on them and it is ready!

Creative shelves for kids’ room 2

Tree Shelves

If you already have those common shelves and don´t want to waste them you can use your imagination and create something special. What about a tree painted on the wall and the shelves used as the branches? You can also use wall stickers! I´m sure the room will be much more lovely and cozy with this idea!

Creative shelves for kids’ room 1