Creative Ideas For Shelves

Essential in any home and present in most of room shelves are at same time useful and decorative pieces of furniture. Usually made of wood, glass or metal they are used to store things even in small spaces as toilets and balconies. In this post we are going to show you some different and creative ideas to transform unusual things in beautiful shelves to your house.

Plastic Planter Shelves

Simple and cheap, these planters are perfect to any part of the house, from kids’ room to the garage! The ones used in this project are the rectangular ones and they can come in different sizes; choose the best one for your project. You can change the color and decorate them as you want. The best way to change the color is using spray paint but remember to use a white primer spray first to prepare the planter for the color. You can hang them using only some screws or rectangular rail hooks. Other idea is using chains in both sides of planters to hold them together.

Creative shelves 2

Pallets Shelves

Rustic but really beautiful, pallets are good options to be used as shelves. As you are going to use only the edges of the pallets, you can make two shelves from each pallet you have. Cut them using a saw and sand all the pallet to remove any barb or splinter. You can use the pallet in the natural color or paint them to fit better with the decoration of the room. Hang them on the wall using drill and some screw.

Creative shelves 1

Ladder Shelves

Wood ladder can be transformed in perfect shelves to your home bringing a modern and innovative look to the decoration. As with the pallets you can use them in the natural color to give a more rustic look or paint them to match with the room. Hang it horizontally on the wall and place small objects on it. The wider is the side of the ladder more things you can put in it.

Creative shelves 3

Drawer Shelves

Reuse old drawers as shelves and bring a romantic and elegant look to your home. Paint them in a nice color to match with the decoration (remember to use a primer before the final paint. You can place a colorful paper in the bottom of the drawer to give a nice effect and also place so wood to create extra shelves. Hang the drawers on the wall using a drill and some screws.

Creative shelves 4

Old Wooden Box Shelves

It is a perfect idea reuses wooden boxes to create some extra shelves at home. You can pin them together to make a single piece or fix them separately on a wall for individual shelves. In the natural color or painted it is sure they will bring charm to any room.

Creative shelves 5