Reusing Old Sport Equipments

There are lots of kinds of sports and there will always be one that you like practicing or watching. Each one has its particularities and rules to be practice and some of them also need a special equipment to be played. But what to do with them when they´re old and not useful anymore? Here are some creative ideas to decorate your home with your favorite sport equipmentsand impress your family and friends:

Creating With Rackets

Tennis is a world played sport and it is famous among all ages. If you have some oldtennis rackets stored in your garage or you know someone that are trying to get rid from theirs you can usecreative ideasand transform them in something beautiful and useful to your home. Applying a piece of mirror inside the round part of your racket you can make it into a nice mirror to put on your wall. Or you can use the net inside it to hang some jewelry, photos and notes.

Creative uses for old sports equipment with rackets

Creating With Tennis Balls

After transforming the tennis rackets you can use the oldtennis balls as a hanger to keys, papers or pen. It’s only make a small cut in the ball and fix it in a wall. It can hold lots of things since it is made of fluffy felt which modifies the shape but can return to normal after all. If you have lots of them you can built a lovely small bed for your pet using strong glue to put them together or even a table and an armchair for you.

Creative uses for old sports equipment with tennis balls

Creating With Skateboards

This equipment is really famous among the young boys and if you have some of them at your home they will love these ideas. Skateboards are easy to be transformed due their material (wood) and shape. You can use some skateboards to make a creative bookcase or hang some of them in a wall to use as shelves. Mini benches and tables for the young ones are also really cute and useful since they can draw and play on them! What about a stair all made withskateboards? This would let any house stylish and innovative!

Creative uses for old sports equipment with baseball bats

Creating With Baseball Bats

Baseball is the most famous sport in some countries and kids are used to play it since they are really young. Asbaseball bats don´t last too long due the strokes and falls is not difficult to find in some baseball fan home dozens of bats that can´t be used anymore. However, they can have other uses after being old. You can make a headboard for your bed with some of them or you can create a nice tablecutting some bats in pieces and using entire ones for the legs. If you don’t have many bats you can use one to create a different base for your lamp or a hanger for your clothes and bags! A stool is a creative idea too, it’s only use the bats for legs and make a nice seat!

Creative uses for old sports equipment with baseball bats 2

Creating with Surfboards

If you love surfing or if you have a beach house you can usea surfboard to decorate it in a creative and original way.As the skateboard, the surfboard has a shape which helps a lot creating with it. You can use it to make a coffee table to your living room or a worktop for your kitchen. You can also place a surfboard on your wall and add some hooks to it to hang some clothes, towels and bags. Using your imagination you can create things that people would never imagine to do with it!

Creative uses for old sports equipment with surfboards