Small Planters

No space is too small to be green! This sentence may sound a bit unrealistic but believe me it is not. In this post we will show you how to transform even the smallest objects that you have in your house in cheap and creative planters.

Most of people have a green space at home and even a pot plant or a beautiful vase makes difference in the decoration of a room. Nature is always beautiful and there is no excuse for not having a bit of it inside your house. It´s true that some houses and apartments were not created to bear gardens and big planters but, after this post, you will see that it is possible to bring nature to home even in tiniest portions.

As all the examples of planters we are going to show you are really small, it is not all kinds of plants that can be place in them. The best species for these tiny planters are succulent plants and air plants.Capable to retain water for many days and almost indestructible, both species are also very beautiful and perfect to be used in the house decoration.

Wine Corks

Rustic and charming, wine corks can be transformed in creative planters for you home. Find some nice corks and carefully make a hole on them with a knife, hollowing it until halfway. Fill the hole with potting soil and add your plant. Glue a magnet onto the corks and put them in your fridge or in a metal board. Use an eyedropper to water the plants.

Small Planters Wine Corks


If you like to use old things in the decoration of your home this option will be perfect for you. What is more lovely and vintage than thimbles? You can easily use these small objects as planters only adding a bit of soil and your chosen plant in it. As with the corks, glue a magnet on the thimbles and don´t forget to water the plants with the help of an eyedropper.

Small Planters Thimbles

Bottle Caps

Recycling is the new order and why not using bottle caps to grow some cute plants? As with the thimbles its only adds soil and your chosen plant in the cap. You can also try to place some herbs seeds in the soil and wait for your plants to grow up. I´m sure they will give a colorful and creative look to your kitchen!

Small Planters Bottle Cap

Buying Planters: If you are not a craft person and you prefer buying things already done, you can find lots of types of smallplanter on internet. In different shapes, sizes and colors they are ready to receive your plant and to be used as a decorative object. Here you have some sites where you can find them:

Small Planters