DIY Kids Room

Legos, pens, cars, magazines, pencils, books, craft material…. Kids’ room is a huge box with all kinds of objects and stuff. Organizing it sometimes seems an impossible mission but you don´t need to worry…. To help you in this task we will present you some creative and cheap ideas to organize your kids’ toys and materials only using what you already have at home.

Teaching kids to arrange their rooms since they are really young it´s an important attitude for parents who want responsible and organized adults in the future. However, is necessary provide them with some easy and creative ways of organizing or they will feel lost and bored in their task.

Creative ideas on bottles

In this post we will show you how to transform recyclable materials in some nice containers to store toys and craft materials. With this creative ideas you will help not only your kids but also the environment!

Using Plastic Bottles

Plastic bottles are a nice place to store pencils, pens, brushes and scissors! It´s just cut the top of it and decorate the rest as you want. You can also cut the bottom of the bottle and sew a zipper joining the middle and the bottom together to have a creative and nice pencil case for your crayons and pens! If you have small objects as Legos, coins or paper clips you can use the bottom part of two bottles and join them with a zipper.

Creating ideas on bottles

Using Cans

Save some cans and transform them in useful containers to keep your stuff! You can hang a metal plate on a wall and fix some cans on it to create a nice and innovative work station. Or you can join them together in a pyramid style to store papers and craft materials. If you don´t have many cans you can use them separately… It´s just apply a cute paper or some crafts outside the can to make a nice decoration and it´s done!

Creative ideas on cans

Using Electronic Devices

Do you have any old keyboard or computer disks somewhere in your house? You can transform them in a nice box to keep your stuffs with a bit of patience and strong glue. This idea brings a modern look to your desk and it is a creative idea to reuse old objects! Now if you have an old TV or an old computer monitor you can remove the screen and everything inside to store books, notebooks and magazines! Being creative and helping the environment are things we all should try!

Creative ideas on electronic devices

Using Paper Boxes

Milk cartons, cereal boxes or any other container made of paper is good to store things. You can create different sizes and formats with paper boxes since the material is easy to be cut. Use colorful papers to decorate the boxes or if you have a good artistic skill you can paint them too! Be careful with heavy objects because they can damage the boxes, try to use light ones in them!

DIY paper boxes