DIY Hangers

If you think that hangers were only created to keep your clothes in your closet you are wrong. These simple and useful objects can be used to organize much more than clothes! In this post we will show you how to use them to maintain most of the accessories that you have stocked in some drawer or spread around the house safe and organized in an easy place to be found.

Hangers are something that everybody has at home and easy to get. Made of wood or plastic they can be found in traditional markets or come together with your recently bought clothes. If you have some of them left over in your closet or if you need an idea to help you organize your room this post it will be really helpful for you.

Organizing Belts

You can use a hanger to organize those belts that are taking space in some drawer. This idea is simple and useful because when you place your belts in a hanger they won’t occupy lots of space as it used to. You will only need a hanger made of wood and some small hooks to place in it. Screw the hooks all long your hanger and use them to hold one or more of your belts.

Hangers organizing belts

Organizing Glasses

Are you always losing or breaking yourglassesbecause you don´t keep them in a safe place? This is really common when you have lots of glasses and not much space to put them. But with this idea you can save them of being scratched or lost. Use the bottom part of a hanger to place your glasses and sunglasses and make them easy to be found.

Hangers Organizing Glasses

Organizing Scarves

Are you crazy about scarves and have dozens of them in your closet? You can save a lot of space using these creative ideas to keep them organized and well kept. One of the ideas is tie your scarves directly in the bottom part of the hanger but depend on the fabric of your scarf this can screw it up. So, if you have more delicate ones you can use some of that round shower curtain hooks placed in the bottom of the hanger to put your scarves without tying them.

Hangers Organizing Scarves

Organizing Flat Shoes

This idea is incredible! Organizing your flat shoes in hangers can give a new look to your closet and save a lot of time when you want to find them. For this project you will need that simple hangers made of thin wire. Cut and mold them as you can see in the picture above using a good plier. Now your shoes will be always organized and well kept.

Hangers Organizing Flat Shoes

Organizing Jewelry

If you want to have your necklaces, earrings and bracelets always in hand when you need this option is perfect for you! You only need to screw some small hooks in your wood hanger and use them to keep your favorite jewelry always there for you. There won´t be lost things anymore!

Hangers Organizing Jewelry