Reusing Toilet Paper Rolls

Available in any house, toilet paper rolls usually go to the bin after they lost their utility. However, with all the concern about reusing and recycling materials, lots of new ideas of how to create something usefulwith them came up and some of them are really good. We searched a lot and selected six great ideas to reusing toilet paper rolls at home in a creative and original.

Hair Accessory Holder

Always losing your hair clips, barrettes and scrunches? You can use a toilet paper roll to keep them together and safely kept. You will never waste time anymore looking for your hair accessories in messy drawers.

Creative ways to reuse toilet papers rolls 5

Cables Organizer

Nowadays, with so many electronic gadgets at home, cables are something inevitable that takes up lots of space at home. However, you can keep them save and organized using toilet paper rolls. This is a simple and cheap idea that will help you organizing drawers and cabinets saving space for other important things.

Creative ways to reuse toilet papers rolls 6


If you are trying to start a garden at home, toilet paper rolls are perfect to serve as planters for herbs and small flowers. You can place many rolls in a bigger box, fill them with good soil and use different seeds for each one. The roll material is a good idea because it retains water keeping the soil always wet. This idea is good to make with kids, teaching them the process of growing a plant.

Creative ways to reuse toilet papers rolls 1

Pencil Holders

Due their shape and size, toilet paper rolls are perfect to serve as pencil holders. The only thing you need is close the bottom with a piece of paperboard and a bit of tape. After that is only decorating them as you want, you can use colorful papers, paint, felt…. Use your imagination! Kids love craft like this and it is a good opportunity to have fun with them.

Creative ways to reuse toilet papers rolls 2

Birds’ Feeder

If you have a garden at home and want to attract birds to it, a nice idea is putting a bit of food to them outside your house. If you don´t have a bird feeder you can create one only using a toilet paper roll, peanut butter and birds´ food. Spread a bit of peanut butter in the entire roll surface. Then put it inside a bowl full of birds´ food. The seeds will stick on the peanut butter. After that is only hanging your feeder in a tree and wait for your little visitants come.

Creative ways to reuse toilet papers rolls 3

Gift Boxes

Perfect to use as a gift box, toilet paper rolls are simple to be transformed in a nice package. You can use them in the original way, cover it with a beautiful paper or use your favorite color paint. To transform it in a box you only need to fold both edges to inside. Use a nice ribbon to give a romantic look and it’s done! Perfect to store candies in children´s parties or a small present.

Creative ways to reuse toilet papers rolls 4