DIY Wall Hooks

Also known as coat hangers, the main utility of this piece of furniture at home is keeping some daily objects as clothes, bags, umbrellas and hats neat and tidy avoiding the mess around the house. Most homes have a coat hanger next to their entrance to facilitate family members life and also guests when they come home to visit you. If you still do not have wall hooks at home or if you think yours are too simple and unsightly, check out these different but really creative wall hooks ideas that you can do at home.

Wall Hooks Knobs

Using some knobs as coat hangers will give your home a vintage and elegant style. Try to find some old knobs as they are more beautiful and with lots of details. You can search them in antique or second hand shops for a really cheap price. Use a piece of wood and nail them together with some screws. Remember to measure the wood first and distribute the knobs equally on them. You can also fix the knob directly on the wall if you prefer.

Creatives wall hooks 1

Branches Wall Hooks

If you prefer a more natural look you can use tree branches to create nice and rustic wall hooks. Search some branches that are strong enough to hold coats and bags and cut them in the same high. Pin the branches in a piece of wood or dovetail them in a wood box. You can also paint the branches if you prefer, white is a nice color to that.

Creatives wall hooks 2

Hanger Wall Hooks

What is more appropriate than using hangers to create wall hooks? Wood hangers are perfect for this function as they have the same one inside our closet. You only need to cut some hangers (as you can see in the pictures) and nail them in a piece of wood (you can also use wood glue but I think nails are safer).

Creatives wall hooks 3

Cutlery Wall Hooks

Spoons, knives and forks are transformed in hooks when you fold them in half. Of course this is not easy but you can use pliers to help you. Use a drill and some screws to fix them in a piece of wood and hang on the wall. This idea is perfect forwall hooks in the kitchen!

Creatives wall hooks 4

Toys Wall Hooks

If you like funny furnitureor want to make a wall hook in the kids ‘bedroom you will love this idea. Use some toys nailed in a piece of wood to serve as hooks. Animals, cars, dolls can be used to hang some pieces of clothes. Use your imaginations and ask help to your kids… they will love to help you in this task.

Creatives wall hooks 5