DIY High Heel Shoes

Everybody has that favorite shoes we are always using more than the other ones. Maybe because they are extremely comfortable and beautiful or maybe because we get used to wear only them, it is really sad when they start getting worn and old. It is always painful get rid of shoes we love and some people prefer don´t do it. If you are like this, we will give you some suggestions to customize your shoes in very simple DIY projects that you can do easily.

Before starting any projects it is important to be sure your shoes are cleans and dry. If the sole is damage it would be good to repair them before the customization. Look for a shop that does this kind of service in the place where you live. You can also do these projects using new shoes that you don´t like much or are outdate. Here are them:

Spray Paint Shoes

This simple project is the most efficient way to cover any damaged part or change the color of your shoes. First you need to choose a spray paint color for your shoes, we recommend you to do this project with synthetic or leather shoes because they accept better the paint. Start covering all the parts that you don´t want to be painted using a tape (sole, claps and inside them) and put some paper in the shoes to make them straight. I recommend to spray a coat of primer before the paint, it is not extremely necessary but this will help it stick and looks better. After the primer dry, apply the paint in a very thin coat, not too close from your shoes. If it is necessary you can make an extra coat. Remove the paper and tapes after your shoes dry.

Customize your high heel shoes 3

Glitter Shoes

If you want something flashier you can cover your shoes with glitter. Sparkly shoes are a new trend and they can make you shine in any especial occasion. To make your glitter shoes you have to apply shoe glue on the surface using a soft brush (you can apply glitter in the entire shoe or only in some parts as heels) and pour glitter on them. You will probably have to repeat this process for two or three times until you cover them all but you must wait the first coat dry to make the second one. When the last your shoes dry, paint a layer of polyurethane over the glitter to not let them scape while you are walking (you can also apply hairspray to fix the glitter).

Customize your high heel shoes 1

Shoes Laces

Romantic and sexy at same time, laces are an excellent option to renew your shoes in charming way. Cut a piece of lace that covers the upper part of the shoe (the heel will be done later). Apply shoe glue in the surface and start gluing the lace from the front part to the back (try to make the lace glue as flat as possible). Meet the lace edges in the back of the shoes removing any excess and gluing them together. Remove the excess of the around the bottom and up the sides. Do the same process with the heels and apply more glue to the edges if necessary (the glue will be white but after dry it will disappear).

Customize your high heel shoes 2

Rivets Shoes

Probably the easiest project, rivets are perfect to change the look of your shoes in a cheap and fast way. There are many kinds of rivets in the market with different shapes and colors but the easiest one to be used are the ones with small points in the back of the rivet (picture). To apply the rivets in your shoes you will need to have pliers and patience. Press the rivet on the shoe carefully until it sticks and gets in. Close the points of the rivets very well using the pliers and if it is necessary you can give small beats to fix it well.

Customize your high heel shoes 4