DIY Old Jeans

Invented by Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss in 1873, jeans are essential pieces in the closets from people of all ages and style. Skinny, tapered, straight, boot cut, narrow bottom, low waist… it doesn’t matter what is your favorite type thereis always one that fits you. In thisDIYpost we will show you how to create new outfits with your jeans and have a unique and different piece using some simple and easy materials.

Made from a resistant fabric called denim and with a basic style, jeans are easy to be customized and changed. As they can last for many years, after a while we get tired of using the same piece, so if you have a pair of jeans that still fits on you but needs a new look this is the post for you. Here you will learn how to transform your old and unstylish jeans in a new and fashionable piece in simple steps.

Dotty jeans

This idea will give a romantic and lovely look for your old jeans. You will need only fabric paint (chose a nice color to contrast with the color of your jeans), some swabs and a cloth iron. First make sure your jeans are clean and well placed in a flat surface. Soak the swab in the paint and start making the dots. Press it carefully but firmly in your jeans to have perfect dots. After the paint dry, do the same process on the back of your jeans. Once both sides are dried iron your jeans to fix the paint in the fabric.

Customize your old jeans

Stamping with Paint

If you want something more showy and colorful you can try to stamp your jeans using a stencil. Chose a nice stencil figure on internet and print it (there are lots of cool themes as floral, tribal, geometrical…). Use a utility knife to cut the stencil carefully (I recommended have more than one stencil with the same drawing). Place your jeans in a flat and covered surface and decide how you are going to place your stencil. Considering the layout first is really important before you start or your work can be really messed up. Pour some fabric paint (chose your favorite color) in a recipient and soak a small sponge in it (don´t make the sponge too wet). Hold the stencil firmly and start to fill in the stencil carefully. Wait it dry and do the same in the back. Don´t forget to match the layout as you did in the front part. Wait they dry and iron the jeans to fix the paint better.

Customize your old jeans (2)

Stamping With Pen

This is another way to make a stamp in your jeans. If you are not really good with paint you can use fabric pencils to stamp your jeans. In this idea we used a lace as the stencil because they are more suitable to do with pens. Place your jeans in a flat surface and put the lace on it. Be sure they are firm and that the lace will not move while you are coloring. You can pass the pen in all the lace´s details or chose only a part of it. Remember to consider the layout before starting! As the lace is an openwork fabric the ink of the pain will easily pass through it and color your jeans. Do it in both sides and its done!

Customize your old jeans (3)

Striped Jeans

You can also change the look of your jeans with simple changes. This one is only adding a stripe in both sides of your jeans. Fold your jeans letting the lateral part up. Use a tape to delimit the area that will be painted. Be careful to make it straight and with same width all long and on both sides. Now soak a sponge in your favorite fabric paint color and cover the entire stripe. Wait it dry and repeat the process in the other side. Iron your jeans after it is dry to fix the paint better. If you want you can also paint other parts of your jeans as the front and back pockets.

Customize your old jeans (4)

Using Stamps

This idea is really cute and will bring a funny and unusual look to your jeans. For this project you will need figure stamps(you can find it easily in craft shops or stationaries). Chose which figure you will stamp in your jeans (there are lots of options: kisses, bows, flowers, sun, clouds, stars, eyes, animals and even words) and use a sponge to apply the paint on it. Be careful to place the paint, wet only the figure and not in the entire stamp to not smudge the fabric. Do it in both sides of your jeans and after they are dried you must iron them to fix the paint.

Customize your old jeans (5)