Muffins and Cupcakes

Do you have somemuffins pans or cupcakes pans left at home? We searched a lot and selected some new ways of using them not only in the kitchen but in different parts of the house. Check out theseincredible and simple ideas that will help you a lot in your daily life.

1) Snacks Tray

Are you receiving some guests at home or throwing a small party? Use your muffin´s pan to serve some small snacks as fruits, vegetables, cheese, olives… It is a nice and creative way apart from being very practical.

cupcakes pans 4

2) Cooking Eggs

Need cooking eggs for lots of people at once? No problem! Use a muffin pan to do that for you. You can place the entire eggs (with the shell) for 30 minutes in the oven to make perfect “boiled” eggs or you can bake lots of them at once breaking each one in a part of the pan. A nice idea is using something under the egg as bacon or turkey breast. They will serve as a small basket for eggs and when you remove they will look beautiful and tasty. For kids you can make colorful eggs adding water with food coloring and boiling them in the oven for 30 minutes.

cupcakes pans 3

3) Drawer Organizer

Use old cupcakes and muffin pans to organize drawers! Their separated parts are perfect for small things as paper clips, pins, nails and craft materials. You can also use cups inside them to store bigger objects as pens, pencils and brushes.

cupcakes pans 5

4) Tray Paint

Kids will love this idea! Use an old cupcake or muffin pan as a tray for paints. Put each color separated and use the left spaces to mix colors and create new ones. This idea will make kids and parents lives easier and reduce a lot the mess with paint.

cupcakes pans 6

5) Cookie Basket

Use the muffin pan upside down to bake some cookies basket that can be used to serve ice-cream or fruits. It is important to line them with paper/foil or the cookies will stick on the pan.

cupcakes pans 1

6) Planter

If you are looking for a small planter for your plants and herbs this idea will solve your problem: an old cupcake pan! You can use the separated parts of the pan to plant different herbs and flowers.

cupcakes pans 7

7) Serving Ice-Cream

Want to serve ice-cream in a party but not enough bowls for everybody? No problem! Use some cupcake liners and a cupcake pan to place single balls of ice-cream and serve your guests in a different and creative way! They will love it!

cupcakes pans 2

8) Candle Holder

You can use cupcake or muffin pans as beautiful candle holders for special occasions. And if you like making your own candles at home you can also use the pan as a mold. Simple but lovely!

cupcakes pans 8