6 Game Ideas

Holidays are coming and kids will stay most of the time at home. This is a great opportunity for you to teach them how to play old nice games that were replaced by computer games and television nowadays. Apart from let the kids entertained these games will make them move their body and do lots of exercise, something primordial to their health. We selected six cool games that are very easy to make and kids will love to play.

1) Bowling

Perfect to develop motor skills, bowling is an enjoyable game not only for kids but for adults too. To have your own bowling set at home you will need10 plastic bottles (the size will depend on you but for small kids we recommend big bottles) and a ball. Decorate the bottles as you want, you can paint them in different colors, place numbers on them and even pictures from each member of the family. Fill half of the bottles with water to make them heavier and more difficult to fall. If the bottles are transparent you can add some food coloring in the water to let it more attractive to kids.

Cool games for kids 1

2) Hopscotch

A really old and traditional game, hopscotch has been forgotten through the years. What about create it at home and show your kids how fun it can be? You can use some spray paint to make hopscotch outside on the lawn or some colorful tape stuck on the floor inside home. Other nice idea is using cardboards or bubble wrap and fixing them on the floor with tape. Kids can help you to make the hopscotch and after that you can play with them (and burn some calories).

Cool games for kids 2

3) Twister

Kids love this game! Apart from funny it is really good to improve their motor skills and balance. If you don´t have one at home you can create it using a few materials and creativity. Make alawn twister using some spray paint and a cardboard with a hole. Spray the circles in the lawn following the line and the colors. If you have lots of kids at home you can do more than one. Now, if you have good sewing skills you can create a carpet using an old duvet and some rag in the circle colors. For the spinner you can download it from internet (there are lots available) or use a cardboard to make it.

Cool games for kids 3

4) Rope Obstacles

Kids will feel as if they are in an adventure movie trying to get rid of all of the ropes and finish the track. You can use strings, elastics, wires…Tie them in a narrow space or between trees and let kids have fun. To make it more enjoyable you can add other obstacles after this one as tires or cones.

Cool games for kids 4

5) Giant Pick-Up Sticks

Usually found in the small version,pick –up sticks is a famous old game that develop concentration and motor skills. However, we are bringing the giant version that is funnier for kids and adults. You can buy giant pick-up sticks on internet or make them by yourself. If you chose the second option you will need some bamboo yard stakes (about 30) and spray paint. Stick the bamboos on the lawn and color them in different colors (yellow, red, green, blue and black). Wait them dry and call some friends to play. Each color must value a number of points. Good luck!

Cool games for kids 5

6) Bottle Ring Toss

Test your kids aim with this simple and cool game. Use some plastic bracelets or any other kind of small ring to hit the bottles. To make it funnier you can put numbers on them and make a competition between kids. Add the points and give a prize to the winner. They will love this!

Cool games for kids 6