How to Make a Creative Cushion Cover

Transform the look of your room with this simple and cheap idea! Make amazing no-sew scallop covers for your cushions and let them with a new and modern look just following some easy steps. You can also use this idea to make a gift to a special person or to make a special cover for a party decoration!

DIY Scallop Cushion Cover_1

For this project you will need:

DIY Scallop Cushion Cover_2

Start using the can to make the mold for the circles. Draw the base of the can in the piece of paper and cut it. This will be your mold.

DIY Scallop Cushion Cover_3

Use the mold to draw the circles in the felt and cut them carefully following the line. You can put some layers of felt together to make the work faster but remember to use a good scissor or your circles won’t have a good look.

DIY Scallop Cushion Cover_4

Apply a line of glue on the top edge of the base cover and start placing your felt circles one next to each other until the end. To make the next layer, apply glue right under the first one and place the circle felts overlapping it, covering the base cover. Follow this pattern until the end of the cushion.

DIY Scallop Cushion Cover_5

Now your new cushion covers are ready to be used and decorate your room with lots of style!

DIY Scallop Cushion Cover_6