DIY Chalkboard

Often times we have a variety of old pictures in our home that are collecting dust because we have yet to drop them off at a local charity resale shop. As upcycling has become the new craze. I have embraced this new fad by reusing the old pictures that no longer coordinate with my current decor. One example is to repurpose an old picture into a chalkboard.


Old picture (any size can be used) – Using an ornate frame generally looks the best with the spray paint

Tools: Phillips Screwdriver

Spray paint- any color imaginable


Masonite board or Chalkboard (either can be purchased at your local building supply store) *If you choose to use the masonite board, you will need to purchase chalkboard paint

Saw- either use a hand saw or circular saw. Please use caution and all proper procedures while using power tools.

Repurposing an old picture into a chalkboard

To begin, remove the current picture from the frame. To do so, you may need to use the screwdriver. Throw away the picture, nails, glass, etc unless you intend to repurpose the picture/materials for another project or use as a guide for sizing the chalkboard. Spray-paint the empty frame and allow to dry for several hours. While this is drying, cut the masonite board to the desired size that will fit into the empty frame.

One easy way to be sure to have accurate measurements is to use either the glass or picture that had previously been inside of the frame as a guide. If you choose the masonite board, you will need to dust this off once cut and then paint the board with chalkboard paint. I usually do 3 coats. If you purchased the chalkboard, then cut this with the saw to the desired size. Once frame and board are completely dry, glue the board into the frame carefully. Sometimes the picture may have clasps that held in the previous picture and you can eliminate this step by reusing these clasps. It is now ready to use!! Enjoy!