Crayola Crayons

Symbol of most people childhood, Crayola crayons are used for children all around the world in their art projects at school. However, we are going to show you a new use for these colorful sticks that will enchant you and, of course, your kids! These ideas are perfect to decorate children room and also to be given as a gift for a special person. Apart of this they are really simple to make and also really cheap! Have a look on them and choose your favorite ones!

Crayola Pencil Holder

Perfect to keep another art material or to give as a gift to your kids´ teacher this pencil holder is really simple to do! Use hot glue to stick the crayons next to each other in a recipient. It can be a can or a plastic bowl! You can also choose to remove or not the wraping paper of the crayons.

Crayons 1

Crayola Letters

Make a room more colorful and beautiful with these crayons letters! Draw and cut the letter you want in a cardboard. After that use hot glue to stick the crayons on the cardboard. Use a sharped knife to cut the crayons and let them in the exactly size you need! Now it is only place in a nice frame with a light background! This idea is perfect to be used on room doors!

Crayons 2

Crayola Wreath

If you want to make something different to decorate your house in a special day like birthdays and Christmas you can use this idea! Draw a circle on a cardboard in the same the size you want your wreath to be and cut it. Draw a smaller circle in the middle of the previous one and cut again. Now use a spray paint to make the background color. After it is dry use hot glue to stick the crayon next to each other but remember to put a ribbon before start gluing the crayons. Now it is only hang on a special place!

Crayons 3

Crayola Photo Frame

Beautiful and colorful the Crayola photo frame is perfect to place that special photo of a happy moment! Use a simple photo frame with straight surface to be the base. Place the crayon on the frame to check if you need to cut them or if you can use entire ones. If you need to cut, use a sharped knife to do that! Stick the crayons on the frame using hot glue and place the photo on it!