How to Make a Mushroom Stool

In this article we will show you how to make a beautiful stool in mushroom shape for you to decorate your kids’ room, your garden or a birthday party!

Mushroom Stool_1


Mushroom Stool_2

Sand the wood log to remove splinters. Remove the dust and paint it with the white wood paint. Cut a circle in the red fabric about 30cm diameter larger than the MDF circle base. Then cut a circle in the white fabric about 1cm diameter smaller than the MDF circle base.

Mushroom Stool_3

Apply the fabric glue on the MDF base, spread it in the center and place the white circle fabric on it, letting the edges of the fabric unglued.

Place the MDF base on the wood log with the white fabric face down. Mark three points on the base forming a triangle e drill them with the drilling machine. Attach the screws with the screwdriver connecting the base and the wood log.

Mushroom Stool_4

Knead the newspaper and tape it in the center of the MDF base. It is important let the newspaper very compressed and dense until the point that the volume of paper won’t reduce anymore, or after people seat the mushroom will lose the shape.

Cute the foam sheet in a circle and bevel the edges like in the picture.

Mushroom Stool_5

Place the foam on the red fabric with the beveled part up. Put the Log upside down and start stapling the red fabric in the MDF base. Be careful to let the white fabric out of the staple. Now use the fabric glue to glue stick the white fabric on the red one, covering the staples with it.

Mushroom Stool_6

Mark where you want to draw the mushroom stains. Paint the circles with a small, flat brush and wait them dry.

Mushroom Stool_7