Hair Pins

Among all hair accessories, hair pins are the most famous ones. Although they are very antique accessories they are always trendy and used for women in all ages. They are essential when we want to make a nice hairstyle or only give a nice detail on our hair. However the best thing about hair pins is: they are very cheap and easy to find. Nowadays we have different kinds of hair pins, in different colors, sizes and styles but if you have simple ones at home don´t discard them! We are going to teach you how to transform ordinary hair pins in beautiful personalized ones that will let your outfit much better.

Buttons Hair Pins

Use different buttons glued on your hair pins to create cute and vintage accessories to your hair. Instant glue and hot glue are the best ones for this kind of job and the buttons are up to you! Choose the size, color and shape of your buttons and have fun!

Decorative hair pins

Bows Hair Pins

If you like romantic outfits you should try this idea. Use some pieces of cloth or ribbons to make beautiful bows then use hot glue to stick them in your hair pins. Make lots of different colors and sizes and you will always have one to match with your clothes!

Decorative hair pins

Beaded Hair Pins

This idea will give you elegant accessories to your hair that can even be used in special occasions as weddings and formal dinners! Chose some beaded that match with each other and use a string to fasten them on the hair pins. Pass the string inside each beaded winding it in the hair pin after each beaded. Finish it with a tie knot!

Decorative hair pins

Pompom Hair Pin

Use pompoms made of wool to make nice hair pins to your kids and even for you! Roll some wood in a fork and tie it right in the middle. Cut the laterals with scissors and trim the excess until you get a perfect pompom. Now it is only pass the hair pin through the tie you had made.

Decorative hair pins

Fabric Flower Hair Pins

Give a spring look to your hair with beautiful flowers made of fabric! Just cut the petals for your flower and join them with a string. You can use buttons or beaded for the center. After is ready use hot glue to fasten the flower in your hair pins. Simple and lovely!

Decorative hair pins

Polish Nail Hair Pins

If you want something more simple but still beautiful you can paint your hair pins using polish nails. Choose how you want them to look like and hands on work!

Decorative hair pins