How to Make Wonderful Wine Glasses

In this tutorial you are going to learn how to decorate wine glasses in an amazing and easy way. They are perfect to be used in romantic dinners, wedding celebrations or even to be given as a special gift.


To this project you will need:


Start cutting the petals of the artificial roses from their base. Be careful to not damage them.


After separating the petals, start gluing them, one by one, around the wine glass, building the rose again. You can use the hot glue gun or the Super glue to do this.


When you finish gluing the petals, take a small piece of ribbon and make a beautiful bow under the rose.


Use a drop of the super glue to attach a bead in the middle of the ribbon to give a final touch.


Now your beautifulwine glass decorated with flowers are ready to be used and make your party decoration much more elegant and sophisticated.