How to Make Plastic Flowers

In this article we will show you how easy it is to make beautiful flowers from plastic bottles. This idea is perfect for the ones that are looking some recycling craft ideas that can be done easily at home. These flowers can be used todecorate your house, a party or even a special event and the best part is that they have almost no cost to be done.


For this project you will need:

Start cutting the plastic bottle right above the label. You can try to make a hole with a knife and after use the scissor to cut it. Separate the upper part from the bottom.


Now pick up the upper part of the bottle and use the ruler to measure same sized spaces in its circumference. Mark the spaces with the permanent marker; this will make it easier for you to draw the petals from the same size.


Draw the petals with the permanent market and use the scissors to cute them shaping the bottle as a flower. Now separate even more the petals from each other making the cut longer, until you almost reach the cap of the bottle.


Use your hands to shape the flower, opening carefully the petals


Now your flower is ready to be painted! Place a circle paper inside the cap to protect it from the paint and spray the color all over the flower. When you remove the protection the center of the flower will be in the cap original color. You can let like this or use another color paint to change it.