Creative Garden Paths

Is the floor of your garden always damages because of people´s steps? Don’t you want to walk in your garden on rainy days. It is easy to solve this problem with some simple and useful ideas. It will be a pleasure to walk in your garden after checking these creative DIY projectsof how to make a beautiful garden path for your home. Let´s have a look at them…

Picture Frame

Maybe the easiest one, this method doesn’t require a lot of effort to create your garden path. Firstly you should get a picture frame.There are two ways to get it.First, you can buy it on internet sites like Ebay or way is that you can make one by yourself with your creativity. There are some ways to make it: you can use some wood board snailed together or a styrofoam. We suggest using the second option because it is easier to give a different and creative design (only draw the choosen shape on the styrofoam with a pencil then cut it using a sharped knife, following the drawing lines of the figure. Then remove the rest of the frame and it is ready!). The next step is preparing the concrete. It can´t be too wet or it wont keep the shape.Place the frame on the ground, spill the concrete on frame and wait for a few minute. Remove the base vibrating it for a few times to make it loose from the concrete. Done! Your own garden path is ready now!

DIY Garden Paths Picture Frame

Mozaics Garden Paths

Decorating mozaic garden pathsis just a little bit more difficult and exhausting but believe us this is the most enjoyable one.It will reflect your creative world and let you use your imagination for something nice and useful. You will need a lot of little colorful stones ,concrete, paper and pencil.First of all, you must decide the figure which you want to see on your path. Then draw it on a paper to help you while you are using the stones.Spill the concrete on the ground ( a thin layer) and start to place the stones using the figure on the paper to guide you.Don’t put all the stones at the same time otherwise it will be difficult to arrange them, you must locate them one by one.After finishing your work let it dry and enjoy your new garden path.

DIY Garden Paths Mozaic

Using Creative Materials

Probably the simplest and fastest one, this idea doesn´t require any complex materials or too much time.The only things you need are creative and daily things to give a shape to your path.We suggest you some large leaves which you can see in the picture.

DIY Garden Paths Creative Materials

However, if you can´t find leaves like that you can use other types or any material that you have at home as papers and clothes. To begin, prepare the concerete and spill it on your base. Let the concrete dry a bit on the material then remove it and you will see the printing of your material on concrete.This idea is good for the ones who wants a portablle path moving it where you wish.

DIY Garden Paths Creative Materials (2)