Soap Tutorial – Handmade Gift Ideas

In the past they used to be homemade, using only natural ingredientsand with special recipes. Nowadays homemade soaps are a bit difficult to find, so why not try toproduce your own soaps to use or give as a lovely gift for a special person. Have a look on these ideas and choose your favorite one!

Lavender Lemon Soap Recipe

The relaxing effect of the lavender, with the fresh felling of the lemon are perfect to be used together. And if you pack your soaps in a cute way like these ones it will be impossible don’t like them! See the tutorial in “A Pumpkin & a Princess” (

Photo: A Pumpkin & a Princess

Semi-Precious Stones Soaps

What can be more precious than these soaps? They are perfect to decorate your house and to be given as a more than special gift for your family and friends. Have a look on the step-by-step “Fall for DIY” blog: (

Photo: Fall for DIY

Herb + Spice Glycerin Soap

Imagine a soap that looks like a glass filled with your favorite herbs and spices. They will be stunning in your toilet sink! See the recipe in “Hello Glow” (

Photo: Hello Glow

Autumn Leaf Oatmeal Spice Soap

This beautiful soap is simple to do and it is really cute! Perfect to be used to decorate your house during autumn time! The idea is from “Consumer Crafts” (

Photo: Consumer Crafts

Mother’s Day Soap Gift

A really creative gift ideathat your mom will love! You can use this idea not only for mother’s day, but for many other occasions (only changing what is written inside!). See the tutorial in “Latika Soap” blog: (

Photo: Latika Soap

Goats Milk Soap

The combination between the goat milk and the lavender brings a perfect scent and a moisturizing sensation! One of my favorites for sure! See the recipe in “Finding Home” (

Photo: Finding Home