Ladybug Ideas!

Cute and beloved little animals, ladybugs are welcome in any place and moment. From real ones flying in our garden to decrative ones inside home, they bring a colorful and fun look that can enchant kids and adults. If you love these cute bugs and want some ideas on how to transform some simple and daily objects in beautiful ladybugs have a look in this post.

DIY- Bottle caps Ladybugs

Transform some usual bottle or soda caps into small decorative ladybugs. To make that you will need some red adhesive spray and a black and white permanent marker.Before starting the make sure your caps are clean and dry.Then, apply a coat of red spray adhesive in the caps and wait until they get dry. After that, start drawing the head and the back of your ladybugs with the black marker and put small black points on the wings. Use the white marker to draw the eyes.

You can place the caps in your vases as a decorative objects or glue a magnet on them to use as a fridge magnet. You can also use hot glue to joins lots of ladybugs together and use them as placemats or coasters. Use your creativity and have fun!

Ladybugs 1

DIY Food Ladybugs

If you are looking for some ideas to decorate some dishes this is perfect for you! What about creating some ladybugs with food and placing them on your salads or snacks? Your guests will be amazed with this idea! To make the ladybugs you will need: some cherry tomatoes (for the body), black olives (for the head), sesame seeds or peppercorn (for the black points on wings), parsley stems (for the antennas) and cream cheese (for the eyes).

Cut the cherry tomatoes in two pieces. Join the parts with a piece of toothpick making them look like as opened wings . Make the points using peppercorns or sesame seeds and a black olive (without the seed) to make the head (use a piece of toothpick to join ody and head) . Cut the parsley stems witdhwise in a thiny shape then place two of them in the olive as antennes.Finally use cream cheese cream to make the eyes.Your beautiful and teasty ladybig is ready to decorate any dish.

Ladybugs 4

DIY Stones Ladybugs

Perfect to do with kids, this project can be used as a decorative one or as toys which kids can play after it is ready. To this idea, you will need small stones, red adhesive spray paints and white and black paint.

The stones will be the body of the ladybugs, so you should choose stones that are shaped close to their body. Firstly, wash the stones and let them dry . This will give a high-quality painting on them. After that, apply a coat of red adhesive spary on the stone and wait them dry. Draw the head and the points using the black paint. Use the white one for the eyes. Your stone ladybugs are ready to enchant any place of your house.

Ladybugs 2

DIY Paper plate Ladybugs

Perfect to be used as a decorative piece in a kids´party or to be done with kids at home or school these cute ladybugs made with paper plates are easy and fun to do. To thos project you will need some paper plantes, white buttons or fake eyes, red paint and black paint or permanent markers.

Firstly, paint the entire plate with the red paint. Wait for it dry and then draw the head and the black points on the wings using black paint or a black permanent marker. Glue the buttons or the fake eyes with hot or permanent glue. Now it is only let the kids have fun with their little new friends.

Ladybugs 3