Customize Old Shorts

Are you tired of your old clothes and wish you could renew your closet but no money for that? We have the solution for you! You can give a new look to your old pieces transforming them in new and creative ones using simple and cheap materials. In this post you will see how easy it is to transform your old shorts in fashion new ones and impress all your friends!

Shorts are essential pieces in any closet and they are perfect for hot days. It doesn’t matter the style or the fabric they can be used in different occasions. Denim shorts are the favorites among women since they give a casual and basic look to their outfit. Customizing your shorts is an easy and creative way to vary your closet and save money.

Choose which shorts do you want to change the look or if you do not have one, you can cut an old pair of jeans and transform them in a shorts. The color or the style it won’t have an effect but it is essential that your shorts have back pockets because we are going to work on them. Here are three nice ideas that you can DIY:

Lace Pockets

Laces are lovely in any piece of clothes and they always give a romantic and elegant look to them. You can customize the pocket of your shortssewing laces on them. It´s just cut the laces (any type and color) in the same size and shape of the pockets and sew them together. If you want you can also add a piece of fabric of your choice between the pocket and the lace to give a different effect or just cover the edge of the pockets to make it simpler.

Customize your old shorts lace pockets

Rivets Pockets

Rivets are the new trend in the fashion world and they are a cheap and creative way to transform your old shorts in an unique piece. You can find lots of different options of rivets in the market in many colors and shapes. Choose your favorite and add them to your pocket. You can cover the entire pocket or only spread a few ones on them. You can also cut one side of your pocket and add the rivets inside it. It will give a cool and fashion look to your outfit!

Customize your old shorts rivets pockets

Bows Pockets

Bows are a cute and female accessory to add to pocket of your shorts. You can buy ready ones or choose a nice fabric and do it by yourself. The size, color and type will depend on your taste and style but certainly your shorts will be much better than past. Other nice idea is use the own pocket to make the bow. It is only cut the bottom part of them out and tie the upper half with a ribbon. Lovely and creative this idea will make you feel really feminine in your shorts.

Customize your old shorts bows pockets