Paper Craft Ornament

In this article you will learn how to make beautiful paper strips ornamentsthat you can use to decorate your partyor house in different occasions.

DIY Paper Stripes Ornaments_1


DIY Paper Stripes Ornaments_2

Cut four pairs of paper strips in sizes: 22cm, 24cm, 26cm, and 28cm and cut a 19cm strip to the center of the ornament.

DIY Paper Stripes Ornaments_3

Take the 19cm strip, which will be the center of the ornament, and place the other strips in pairs next to it. Start by placing the smaller ones near the center strip, then the larger ones.

After you have gathered all the strips in this position, arrange one side of the strips on the table so that they are all same size. Now use a stapler to tie all of them together

DIY Paper Stripes Ornaments_4

On the side that you got the staple, the strips are all on the same level, but on the other side they are in different sizes. You will put them all back together at the same height as the center strip. And again, tie them with stapler. The strips will be in the shape of a small balloon because they have different sizes.

DIY Paper Stripes Ornaments_5

Use a paper punch to make a hole on the top of the ornament and pass a piece of thread on it.

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