Decorating with Sisal

Sisal is a simple and natural material that can be used in countless situations. Strong, durable and resistant, they are perfect to outside areas as gardens, backyards, balconies and porches. However, they can also give a nice look to indoor rooms since they match easily to any kind of decoration and style. Here we have some DIY ideas to help you use sisal in small decorative objectsand give a different and creative look to your room.

Fruit Bowls:

Do you know that bowl you use to store some fruits and it usually stands in a visible place in your kitchen? You can transform it in a beautiful piece that will bring charm to the room only using a bit of hot glue and sisal. It doesn’t matter if it is made of plastic, glass or metal, it´s only paste the sisal around the bowl and it is done.

Sisal decoration fruit bowls


An easy and cheap idea, you can make dozen of nice vesselsusing cans, glasses and bottles of different sizes and shapes. Recyclable objects are perfect to be transformed in decorative ones when you cover them with sisal. You can use them to store objects as pencils, toiletries, make up, jewelry…. If it is a big vessel you can use it as a nice vase to your flowers and plants.

Sisal decoration vessels


Basins and boxes can be transformed increative baskets to store clothes, towels, toys, products or anything you want to keep in a safe and nice place. To make a charming basket you can glue the sisal in the outside part and cover the inside with a cloth of your choice or sisal again. You can also use recyclable objects as can of paints and shoes box.

Sisal decoration baskets


You can renew your old lampwith a touch of sisal in it. Chose which part of your lamp you will cover (you can do it with the bottom part or the upper one) and glue the sisal around it. This creative idea will give a new look to your room!

Sisal decoration lamps

Small objects:

You can cover small objects as old light bulbs and Styrofoam balls with sisal to create a decorative piece to your home. It´s only collect some of them and cover with sisal. Place all together inside a nice glass jar or vase. Easy and elegant!

Sisal decoration small objects