DIY String Ball Ornaments

If you are looking something original that comes out of the traditional to decorate your parties or a special corner of your house, string balls are perfect! They are really easy to make, cheap and incredibly beautiful to be used in different ways and situations. The best part is that you can have several options just changing the ball’s size, color, style and texture.




Start blowing up the balloons in the size and shape you want your balls be. Less you fill them more round they will be. Put the white glue in a shallow recipient and add some water to make it a bit more liquid. Mix it well. Dip the string on the recipient with glue but be carefull to not tangle it.


Start wrapping the balloon with the string from its knot-end. While you are wrapping try to remove the excess of glue on the string with your finger.


Pass the string randomly on the balloon surface, more you wrap, the denser the ball will be. When you be happy with the cover of your ball, cut the string.


Let the ball rest for one day to dry completely. You can use a covered baking tray to do that.


When you are sure the string is stiff and dry you can use a needle to pop the balloon inside the ball. Remove the popped balloon carefully through one of the holes of the ball.


Now your string ball ornament is ready to be used in the most variety places and occasions.