How to Make Stars Ornaments

The star is a classical symbol and can be used to decorate any kind of party or celebration. We found out a very simple way to make beautiful stars ornaments using simple materials and very easy steps that even the most inexperienced in the craft world can do easily.



Start mixing in a bowl the white glue with a bit of water (just to make the glue thinner).


Carefully dip the yarn on the bowl with the help of a spoon. Be sure all the yarn will be wet with the glue.


While the yarn is inside the bowl, pick up your star image and place it on the wood or Styrofoam board and pin the nails around it. When you finish, remove the star image from the inside the nails and start tying up the yarn with glue on the top nail.


First make the star shape passing the yarn in all of the nails form outside. After completing the outside, you can start filling the inside connecting the nails with the yarn randomly.


When you think your star is enough filled, make a knot on the last nail and cut the yarn. Let it dry for some hours and then remove it carefully from the board.


Now your beautiful stars ornaments are ready to be used in your parties!