Have a look on our easy step by step tutorial for you to learn how to make beautiful paper pom-poms to decorate your parties and celebrations. These instructions can be used to make both crepe and tissue paper pompons and in the end you can hang them or just put on a table to decorate it.



Start unfolding the paper roll and cut it in rectangles of 30cm x 30cm (if you want smaller pompoms you can cut smaller). Fold the rectangles in an accordion style and in the end you will have something like a fan. Fold the fan edge to edge to mark the middle of it.


Cut the edges of the fan in a round shape. Like this your pom-pom will be much more beautiful and well done.


Unfold the fan and use a tape to tie the middle of it. Now you will have something like a ribbon. If you are going to hang your pom-pom, tie the thread on the middle, like you did with the tape.


Start pulling the layers towards the center really carefully to not damage the paper. Bring all the layers to the middle one by one.


When you finish pulling all of them your pom-pom will be fluffy and ready to be hanged or used as a table decoration on your party.


If you want a pom-pom with different colors just tie more than one paper together following the same instructions.