Frame Pin Cushions

If you work with fabric and are looking for a new and creative pin cushion for you this is the perfect idea. I have seen lots of different kinds of pin cushions but none of them are so charming and easy to make as the frame one. If you don´t work with fabric and don´t need a pin cushion you can use this ideas to decorate your home and bring a lovely vintage style to any room. Apart from being beautiful this ideas is really cheap as you will need some simple and easy to find materials. Have a look:

Frame Pin Cushion


Frame Pin Cushion 2

How to do it:

First use the spray paint to give a nice color to your frame. Apply a coat of paint and wait it dry. If necessary repeat the process. After that, measure the fabric on the frame cutting it about 10 cm bigger than the frame in each size. Place the frame upside down, lay the fabric on it and fill with fiberfill pushing from back to front.

Frame Pin Cushion3

When the frame is fluffy with a good amount of fiberfill in it, turn theframe and see if the fabric is smooth and well tidy in the front. Cut the overlapping fabric and close the back of the frame. Now your frame pin cushion is ready to be used and let your home more beautiful and cute.

Frame Pin Cushion4