DIY Fruits

It´s sure that gelatin andtasty fruitsare a perfect combination for any dessert. There are lots of recipes where you add fruits to gelatin to give a nice taste and look to the dish. However, it is possible to make this combination in another creative and original way and transform the dessert time in a funny moment. In this post you will learnhow to DIY cool gelatins and serve them in a different way!

Gelatin In Orange P eels

This amazing idea is really nice and simple to do! First you need to cut the orange in two parts and remove the pulp. Feel the shell with the gelatin (you have two options here, use a flavored gelatin of your preference or squeeze the orange juice and add unflavored gelatin to it) and take to the fridge. When it is ready you can cut them in pieces to make it easier to eat and give a nice look! Instead of oranges you can also use lemons or apples. Using different flavors of gelatin is nice to make your dessert more colorful and catchy! Enjoy your orange peels gelatin :)

Gelatin in orange peels

Gelatin And Strawberries

You can also serve your gelatin inside strawberries. How to do this? Choose big strawberries and make a hole in them! Fill with the gelatin of your choice and add a piece of fruit on top to give a nice look. You can add the removed parts of the strawberry or pieces of lemon with sugar to give a bitter sweet taste. Take to the fridge and wait until it gets hard.

Gelatin and strawberries

Gelatin In Watermelon Peels

This is the big version of the gelatin in orange peels. The process is really similar but this one is perfect for big parties or for the ones who prefer this fruit. Besides it is easier than the orange version as you won´t need lots of watermelons to do it, only one will give you lots of gelatin portions! Remove the pulp, fill with the gelatin and wait until it be hard. Cut the pieces to make it nice and easier to eat!

Gelatin in watermelon peels

Bananas Filled With Gelatin

This version is the most unusual one and it´s nice to make a joke with a friend or surprise someone. Wash the banana, cut the top of it out and remove half of the pulp with a knife (be careful to not cut or hurt the peel). Fill the half empty part with gelatin and take to the fridge inside a glass or any container that will keep it straight. After it is hard you can close the banana again using a toothpick and the top part u had removed. Now it is just wait to see the surprise face of your friends when they peel their banana.

Bananas filled with gelatin