Book Lovers Creative Ideas

People who love books also love things related to them! It can be something to help during the reading time, something todecorate the bookshelfor just to remember where they stopped inside the book! We select some nice ideasto gift that person who is crazy about reading!

Book Pillow Holder

What can be better than a cute pillow that can hold your bookfor you while you are reading! This idea is amazing and can be done at home! You only need a pillow and some elastics attached to its edges!

Book Pillow Holder

Homemade Bookends

Giving something you made by yourself has much more sentimental value! You can create exclusive bookends for your special person using some pieces of wood, a creative object and some spray paint.


Book Weight

A useful gift for book loversis a book weight! This is nothing more than a small long fabric bag filled with something heavy as sand, beans or rice. The weight will keep the book open on the correct page without closing all the time! Perfect to be used while studying or checking a recipe on a cook book.

Book Weight

Arrow Book Marker

Book markers are used to mark the page you stopped on a book, but what about going further and helping your book lover friend to find where he stopped on the story easier ,showing him the exactly line. You can make an arrow book markerto do that!

Book Marker

Book- Style Kindle Cover

If your friend is a modern one and prefer reading his books in a kindle you cancreate a nice coverfor him using and old book cover. Just remove the inside of the book and attach some elastic on the edges of the cover! Perfect and easy.

Kindle Cover