DIY: Hamburger Cupcakes

What about joining together two of the most delicious food? Hamburgers and cupcakes are loved all around the world and it is difficult to find someone who doesn´t like them. Because of this we will show you how to make cute cupcakeswhich look like delicious mini hamburgers in some very easy steps. I´m sure this tasty idea will enjoy not only kids but also the big ones!

Hamburger cupcakes 1


– Vanilla cupcakes

– Chocolate cake or brownie

– Frosting

– Food coloring (red, yellow and green)

– Sesame seeds

Hamburger cupcakes 2


1- Bake the vanilla cupcakes according to directions. When they are cool, cut them in half horizontal-wise with a knife to create the bun.

2- Bake the chocolate cake or brownie according to directions. When it is cool, use a round cookie cutter to create the meat.

Hamburger cupcakes 3

3- Prepare the frosting and divide it in three portions. Add coloring food and mix it well. (If you want something faster you can buy pre-colored icing in tubes)

4- Place the colored frosting in icing bags or common plastic bags with a small cut in the corner.

Hamburger cupcakes 4

5- Place the pieces of the hamburger together: bottom bread part, meat, frostings and the upper part of bread.

6- Spread a bit of sesame seed on top of the cupcake.

Hamburger cupcakes 5

Now your beautiful and delicious hamburger cupcakes are ready to be enjoyed for all your family and friends!

Hamburger cupcakes 6