Lovers of horror stories can find a bit of adrenaline staying at different hotelsaround the world with stories of hauntings and mysterious phenomena. If you are one of them, have a look on these haunted hotels and choose your favorite one.

Stanley Hotel (Colorado, USA):The fame of the hotel for hauntings is so big that the property was chosen to be the main location of The Shining by Stanley Kubrick. Several guests reported having heard pianos being played, doors slamming by themselves and voices coming from nowhere.

Stanley Hotel

Langham Hotel (Londond, England):According to guests that passed by this British hotel, this would be the home of several ghosts. Among them, a doctor who murdered his wife and then committed suicide, a man with a large wound on his face, a former employee of the hotel that walks in the hotel’s hall and even Napoleon II.

Langham Hotel

Roosevelt Hotel (California, USA):Located in California, in the United States, the hotel has a strong connection to Hollywood. It was in the hotel great hall where the first Oscar ceremony was held, for example. They say that stars like Montgomery Clit and Marilyn Monroe haunt the halls of the place.

Roosevelt Hotel

Russel Hotel (Sydney, Australia)One of the busiest hotels of Sydney, many guests choose to stay here because of the story of a sailor who has never checked out of the room 8, and that, according to the staff, is always seen and heard in the hotel halls.

Russel Hotel

Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel (Alberta, Canada):The hotel, which lies between the mountains in Canada, has two permanent ghosts. One of them, an old hotel doorman, and another was a bride who died on their wedding day, which would happen in the hotel. Several guests reported having met with the two ghosts.

Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel

Toftaholm Herrgard Hotel (Lagan, Sweden):This Swedish hotel was owned by a rich baron. When he didn’t let a young man marry his daughter, the boy killed himself. According to those who have passed the spot, the boy stays in the room 324 and nowadays haunts guests on several occasions.

Toftaholm Herrgard Hotel

Taj Mahal Palace Hotel (Mumbai, India):They say that the architect of the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel was so upset because the building has been constructed wrong that he threw himself from the fifth floor of the hotel. Even today guest says to have met with the architect ghost in the halls of the site.

Taj Mahal Palace Hotel