DIY Candles With Photos or Messages

How about turning normal candles into a piece of decoration for your house or in an incredible gift for someone special? Following really simple steps you cantransfer a photo, a drawing or a message from a paper to the candle and amaze your family and friends.


To transfer a photo you will need:

Cut the white tissue paper on the same size of the print paper. Use some pieces of tape to stick them together. The less shiny side of the tissue paper is the one the photo should be printed. Place the prepared sheet in the printer so that it prints on the tissue paper side. Choose the photo you want on your candle and print it.


After printing the photo, separate the tissue paper from the other one and cut the image to fit on the candle’s face. Place the photo around the center of the candle and, on it, a sheet of wax paper. Make sure there is no air bubble left under the paper and that the wax paper is tight against the photo.


Turn on the hair dryer and point it to the area of the photo. The outside layer of the candle will start to melt at the same time as the tissue paper. The photo will stick on the candle and it will become darker. When the entire photo is transferred your work is done!


Now if you want to transfer a drawing or a message you will follow the same steps. However, instead of using a printed photo you will draw and write directly in the tissue paper with permanent markers.


Cut the message or the drawing in a way to fit the candle’s face, put a piece of wax paper on it and turn on your hair dryer!