Concrete Planters Idea

If you are loooking for a Creative DIY Project for planters you are in the exactly right place.After this project you will be able to make your own concrete planters in a different and easy way. There are many ways to make this but today we are going to show you the best ones. The first one is making concrete planters with plastic pots and the other one is using wooden casts.

1) Making Concrete Planters Using Plastic Pots

Using plastic pots is simpler and easier than using wooden casts. This is because you won’t need to shape the mold first since the planters will have the exact shape of your pots. First you need two pastic pots in different sizes, one of them has to be larger than the other one. Choose well the biggest pot as it will give the outside shape for your planter.

How To Make Concrete Planters-Creative DIY Project 1

After that you will need a bit of cement and some water to prepare the concrete . After preparing it, take the larger pot and put a bit of grout to inside it.The amount of concrete should be enough to cover the bottom.You will determine the depth of the planter with this amount.

Then put the smaller pot inside the larger one,pressing it on the concrete carefully right in the middle. Now, you need to pour the rest of concrete between the two pots until you fill all the space. Wait for some hours until the it gets dry and remove the pots from the concrete carefully. Finally, your concrete planteris ready.As you see in the pictures there are some different shaped planters that you can make using pots you have at home.

How To Make Concrete Planters-Creative DIY Project 2

2) Making Concrete Planters Using Woods

This second way is a bit more exhausting than the previous one but the final product will look more professional and well done. First of all, you will need some wooden sheets to create the model of your planter.You can prepare it by yourself at home or ask to acarpenter to prepare one for you.One of them should be larger than the other one and, while you are preparing the wooden sheets, try to make the smaller mold narrower, this will make it easier to be removed from the concrete after you finish the work.

How To Make Concrete Planters-Creative DIY Project 3

After the sheets are ready, put the smaller box inside the bigger one and pour the concrete until you fill it.Again wait for it dry and then remove the woods carefully.

Your planters will have the color of the concrete and this is a simple looking for a planter if you are going to use it at home.If you have enough time, it will seem more attractive if you paint the concrete.You can paint in different colors, you can draw some figures on it or do anything you want to do.Just be creative!

How To Make Concrete Planters-Creative DIY Project 4