DIY: Plastic Cup Lampshade

If you are bored with your lampshade design and want to change it or if you are looking for a simple and enjoyable project, here we have an easy and simple one for you. In this post we are going to show you how to make a cool decorative lampshade only using simple plastic cups.


Materials :

Before starting the project, be sure that your cups are clean and dry, otherwise glue wont work on them. Take the plastic cups and glue them next to each other like in the picture bellow. When you finish a chain of cups, make a new chain on top of it. You can choose make only a half shell of cups or an entire ball (in this option you need to let a small hole on the top to pass the light bulb and the wire). This is up to you!

DIY-Plastic-Cup-Lamp 1

Now it is only place your lamp on the ceiling letting the light bulb right in the middle. You can use hot glue to stick your plastic cup lampshade on roof or use some fishing line and some hooks to hang it.

Now you have a new decoration to your home using a simple and cheap object! Enjoy your project!

How To Make Plastic Cup Lamp Shades 1

How To Make Plastic Cup Lamp Shades 2

How To Make Plastic Cup Lamp Shades 3