DIY Rainbow Roses

The rainbow rose is a rose which has its petals colored artificially using food coloring. Very beautiful and unique these roses are not so common to find despite being really simple to make. In this post we will show youhow to do rainbow roses at home without any difficulties.

Rainbow Roses (5)

First of all, you need to choose good rosesfor the project. They must be white or light yellow ones and long stemmed. As you see in the pictures, after your work your roses will have many different colors and the light colored ones will be transformed easier. Avoid dark colored roses because this project won’t work with them.

Rainbow Roses (7)

After choosing your roses, you will decide the colors you will use. It is important to use food coloring in the project because they are organic and they won’t damage the roses as much as chemical colorings do.

Rainbow Roses

To start with you have to split the roses ‘stem in some parts.The number of parts must be equal to the number of the colorings you are going to use. Put some drops of food coloring in glasses with water. Each color must be in a different glass. Try to use narrow ones to not break the stems.Then, put the glasses togetherand dip each stem of the rose in each glass.

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While the roses are inside the colored water they will absorb the ink to the petals, so the color of it will be converted to same colors you have used.To get the exact tone color for all petals, you may wait for some days.

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Rainbow roses are perfect to give as a gift for a special person or to decorate your house. Their vibrant colors will make any one enchanted with their beauty and finesse.

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