DIY Snowman

Christmas is coming and if you are looking for something different and easy to decorate your home here is what you need: Plastic cups snowman! Apart from being creative and cheap this project is really easy to do and will bring your home that beautiful atmosphere that only Christmas has.

snowman using plastic cups4

snowman using plastic cups 1

Start attaching the plastic cups to each other using the stapler until you get a full circle. You should make this on a straight surface as on floor or on a table or your snowman will be uneven in the end. After fisrt circle, make another one placing new cups on top of the previous ones and staple them. The important point during stapling is that you will decide the size of your snowman according to the size of circles.If you are going to make a big one so, the circles should be large ones or vise versa.

Snowman using plastic cups 2

As you know, a snowman is made from two round parts (head and body) so you need to staple cups in circles until you have two spheres (one bigger than the other). To have that you will need tostaple the plastic cups until you get the semi sphere then complete the other part of it to have a full sphere body.

You are going to repeat exactly the same steps also for the head but remember that the sphere must be smaller! Then staple the head on the body and cover the joint will a nice scarf! Your snowman from plastic cups is ready for the futher decoration.

Snowman using plastic cups 3

To decorate your snowman you can use paper balls or wool pom poms to make the eyes, and the buttons. Use an orange paper cone or a real carrot to make the nose and a nice bonnet to matching with the scarf. You can use hot glue or even the staples to attach the decoration. If you want to do something more with your snowman, you may place a lamp inside it. Your snowman will be more charming during night.

Snowman using plastic cups 4