If you are addicted tothe HBO serie Game of Thrones and are anxious about the next season, you can spend your time doing these amazing craft ideas to decorate your house and feel as you have just arrived in Westeros!

Game of Thrones Dragon’s Eggs

It is amazing how simple and amazing this craft is! You will only need a foam egg, a lot of tacks and a nail polish if you want to give another color to your egg. Paint the tacks with the nail polish and start putting them from top to bottom to make the scales of the egg.


Game of Thrones Quote Board

Use a simple piece of wood, some paint and a bit of creativity to make a board with your favorite quote of the serie. It won´t be difficult to find a good quote since Game of Thrones has lots of them.


Game of Thrones Jars

You can make some nice decorative jars using the house symbols! You will need glass jars, plastic toy animals and some paint! Use a lion to do the House Lannister and paint it red, or a wolf to the House Stark and paint it black! Use some strong glue to fix the animal on the jar lid!


Game of Thrones Mug

Easy and simple! You only need a white mug, a permanent marker and a bit of creativity. Choose your favorite quote and write on it!


DIY Game of Thrones Throne

Yes! You can have your own iron throne using some simple and cheap materials: some spray paint, polymer clay, a lot of plastic cocktail swords and a glue gun to turn a piece of foam into the throne.