Depending on how nations relate to each other, their borders change dramatically. For example, it is easy to know if the division between countries is friendly or not, just having a look at some pictures. Some borders even don´t look like borders and others are impossible to not see.

Norway and Sweden:Almost imperceptible among the trees, the border of these two countries is just a straight line inside the woods.

Norway and Sweden Border

Haiti and Dominican Republic: These two countries are clearly distinguished by their environmental protection law, radically different. The Haiti has a huge deforestation problem if compared to Dominican Republic.

Haiti and Dominican Republic Border

Mexico and USA: The most crossed border in the world is between these two countries. Thousands of people try to go to USA seeking for a better life. In the picture you can see Mexico on the left and USA on the right.

Mexico and USA Border

Belgium and Netherlands: The city of Baarle has one of the most confusing borders of the world. It is surrounded by the Netherlands but 26 separate parts of the city belong to Belgium. So that people can know if they are in Belgium (Baarle-Hertog) or in the Netherlands (Baarle-Nassau), the border is drawn on all city streets.

Belgium and Netherlands Border

Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay: The point known as the tri-border areais located in the meeting of two rivers (Parana and Iguasu) and connect these three South American countries.

Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay Borders

Israel and Egypt: One of the few borders that can be seen from space, it has a 245 mile fence to avoid the entrance of illegal immigrants from African countries. A project was set to seal the border in the future.

Israel and Egypt Border

China and Mongolia: Maybe the most friendly border, these two countries are separated by a colorful rainbow portal that welcomes their visitors.

China and Mongolia Border

Scotland and England: Known as the “Anglo-Scottish border”, it runs 96 miles between Marshall Meadows Bay on the east coast and the Solway Firth in the west.

Scotland and England Border

Malaysia and Singapore: This maritime border has Malaysia on the north side and Singapore on the south. There are two structural crossings along the border. They are the Johor-Singapore Causeway and the Malaysia-Singapore Second Link.

Malaysia and Singapore Border

France and Switzerland: One part of these twocountries border is, belive it or not, inside a hotel. The Hotel Arbez, also called Hotel Arbez Franco-Suisse, is a hotel that straddles the international border between France and Switzerland in the tiny village of La Cure, which is itself divided by the boundary.

France and Switzerland Border