Aromatherapy Candles

More than decorative objects, candles can be used to bring lots of benefits for you and your home. The alternative approach known as aromatherapy believes that some fragrances can help mind, body and spirit deal with different kinds of problems and situations and one of the most used ways of spreading the fragrance in the environment is using candles. The heath produced by the flame can gently disseminate the smell and bring a cozy feeling into the room. However, scented candles (the ones which have essential oils) are not always cheap, because of this, we are going to show you how to add fragrance to normal candlesin a simple and creative way.

Cinnamon Stick Candles

According to the aromatherapy cinnamon is an incredible fragrance since it helps with exhaustion and fatigue working directly on the nervous system helping us to calm down. To make your cinnamon candle you will need some cinnamon sticks and a candle with the same length of the sticks. Use a hot glue to fix the sticks around the entire candle and tie them around it using ribbons or a thin rope. It is important to tie because after the candle islightened the hot glue will melt a bit and the stick can loosen up. While the candle is burning the sticks will get hot and this will bring s smooth smell of cinnamon to the room.

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Orange and Cloves Candle

Also known as natural pomanders, the combination of oranges and clovesbrings a terrific smell to home apart from being a perfect natural air freshener and repellent. Beside this, according to the aromatherapy, the smell of orange helps provide emotional balance and bring a positive outlook while the smell of cloves helps the circulation in the body reliving the pain in joints and muscles. To make your orange and cloves candles you will need to open a hole in the orange where you can dovetail your candle. With a needle, poke small holes in the shell and insert the cloves all around the orange. When you light the candle the delicious smell will spread all over the room.

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Coffee Candles

If you like that cozy smell of coffee when you wake up this idea is perfect for you. Apart from being warm and invigorating aromatherapy says that coffee smells reduce depression symptoms and can combat feelings of nausea. To spread this smell at your home you need to fill a glass container with some coffee beans or powder and place a candle right in the middle. When the heath reaches the coffee it will start pouring the smell all over your place.


Essential Oils

You can also add fragrances to your simple candle using essential oils. This option is good because you can find a wide variety of fragrances to choose and only one small glass is enough to add smell to many candles. First you will need to light you candle and wait until the wax on the top melt. When you have a small pool of wax on the top of your candle drop a bit of the oil in it and use a long stick to mix it with the wax (be careful to not get burned with the flame). Blow out the candle and let the wax gets hard. Now it is ready to be lightened again. You can always repeat the process when necessary.

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