Creative Photo Frames

Looking for different ways of placing photos at home instead of those ordinary photo frames? Here we are going to show you that simple but unusual objects can be transformed in creative and different photo frames that will bring more attention to your pictures. After all, especial moments need special places to be shown and remembered. So, have a look in our options and chose the best one for your home!

Old Windows

They are a perfect idea if you want to put a collection of pictures on your wall and create a place to especial moments or people of your life. If you want a rustic look the best option is using the window in its original color, even if it is a bit old and peeled. You can also paint the window to match with the decoration of the room. Use each window pane to place a picture on it (use a transparent tape to do it) and hang your new photo frame on a beautiful wall.

Creative photo frames 2

Glass Jars

Placing pictures inside glass jars is something unusual but at same time really creative and nice. Use different jars in different sizes and shapes to create a nice effect. Remember to match the size of the picture with the size of the jar. Fix them using a transparent tape and spread the jars around the house.

Creative photo frames 1

VHS Tape Boxes

Yes, those old boxes that used to serve as case to VHS tapes are incredibly useful as photo frames. If you have some of them stored somewhere at home and had no idea what to do with them now you have. Use a drill and some screws to hang them in the wall and use a nice photo as a cover. You can also store small objects as keys inside the box. Useful and decorative at same time!

Creative photo frames 4

Clothes Line

Hang your pictures as if they are clothes after washing. You can use a board or a big frame and place some strings (sisal or wire) horizontally on the frame. Let some spaces between them or your pictures will stay overlapped. Use clothes pin or paper clips to hang the pictures on the string as you do with clothes. It´s definitely a different but charming idea.

Creative photo frames 3

Floppy Disks

Essentials in the past but not used anymore,floppy disks lost their function a long time ago. However, if you have some old ones kept at home you can transform them in creative and cool photo frames to your pictures. Tie them with a string using their original holes and use the metal part to hold the picture. Of course, to this idea you will have to use small pictures as Polaroid ones.

Creative photo frames 5