DIY Natural Garden Planters

Looking at most of gardens, it´s common to find that traditional planters made of plastic, ceramic, concrete or any other artificial material. In most of gardens they call the attention for theircreative shapes and decorative function but have you ever thought about using something natural and organic as a planter for you flowers and vegetables? Much more appropriate for the environment these materials taken from nature are biodegradable and perfect water retainers.

Of course that, most of the ideas you will see here, exposed to weather action, will be diminished and destroyed after some while. But they are good for people who want to start planting in small places before place directly in the garden soil or want to give a more natural look to your garden. You will feel as if you are in a real and beautiful island or forest without any artificial object to tell you the opposite.

Tree Trunks

Perfect option for bigger plants and flowers, tree trunks can become a wonderful planter in your garden. Of course you won´t cut a tree only to make one, but if you already have one cut in your garden or if you know how to obtain the middle part of a cut trunk you can reuse them in your garden. Fill the holes in the trunks with fertilized soil. You can place flowers and vegetables already planted or spread seeds all around the trunk. I´m sure this idea will create a lovely and charming effect to your backyard.

Natural Garden Planters

Natural Stones

Stones can be transformed in rustic and different planters for you decorate all your garden and house. Find a big stone and make a hole in it with the help of a hammer and a screwdriver (hit the hammer in the screwdriver to lapidate the stone and create a role in the middle of it). Fill with fertilized soil and place your plant or seeds. Stones are good to retain water and this will help to keep your plants always beautiful and well treated.

Natural Garden Planters (2)

Coconut Shells

Naturally hollow coconut shells are an easy and creative option to plant some flowers, herbs and vegetables. Remove all the inside part of the coconut until you have only the shell, fill with a good soil and plant your favorite flowers and herbs. The husk fiber is perfect to retain water and keep your plant safe.

Natural Garden Planters (3)


Tiny but lovely seashells will bring a charming look to your home and garden. You will need shells as lace murex, nutmeg, sun dial, cone and king´s crown… because they have a good shape and space to fill with soil and preferably use succulents or air plants in this option because they fit better in small planters. Hang the seashells using some fishing line and enjoy them!

Natural Garden Planters (4)

Egg Shells

Despite being sensitive and easy to break, egg shells work really well as planters. After using the egg keep the shells to plant some spices and herbs that you use daily in your meals. Fill the egg shells with soil and add some seeds to them. Keep them safe in their original tray and enjoy your new mini garden. As egg shells don´t last long try to plant herbs that you will use in a short period of time. You can also use some succulent plants to decorate a dinner party or some special occasion.

Natural Garden Planters (5)