Bring more style and natural environment to your home! In this post you will learn how to do a lovely and cheapmoss vasein only 5 easy steps!

Using moss is a cheap and simple way to decorate your home. It´s easy to find lots of decorative pieces made with moss on internet. It adds a sweet, earthy touch to the rooms and it works really well in indoor spaces.

moss vase

Many people purchase moss from gardening shops or arts and crafts places, it´s easy and cheap to buy it. Others like to look for moss on rocks and fallen logs and keep them alive in pots. The way you will find the moss is up to you, but it´s important to find some with healthy and natural appearance or your vase won´t be as the expected!

moss vase1

To your moss vase you will need a clean and dry tin can (in the size you prefer), crochet thread or kite string, sphagnum moss, small pebbles and a flower of your preference.

moss vase 2

5 easy steps to do creative moss vase

Step 1: Lay on a piece of moss outside the can. Wrap the string around the moss until you see it´s well tied. Do these as many times as needed until you cover the can.

Step 2: Make the edges neat using a pair of scissors to trim the moss from the top and bottom of can.

Step 3: Wrap more string around the can until you think it´s enough. Tie it off with a knot.

Step 4: Make small holes on the bottom of can. Then put a layer of small pebbles inside it to help with the drainage.

Step 5:Add the flower you choose to your new and cute moss vase!

Now it´s just place your moss vase in a visible place and wait for the compliments!