DIY Mason Jar Kits Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Teacher’s Day, birthdays, wedding anniversaries, Christmas… special dates are always there and everybody has a special woman in their lives to gift. Mason jar kits are an original and cheap option for the ones who want to please the loved ones with a cheap but extremely creative

Original Themes for Birthday Parties When we talk about kid’s party themes, the first thing that usually comes to the mind is almost always the same: super heroes, princess and movie characters! There is nothing wrong with that but it’s also very cool and unforgettable to have a different party, investing in an unusual theme

Creative Space Ideas Taking advantage of all spaces is essential for a beautiful and organized house. The empty place under the stairs, that is usually forgotten, is perfect to create intelligent areas that will bring more comfort and pleasant moment to your family and friends. In this article we will show you creative ideas to

Bamboo Garden Decoration Bamboo is one of the types of wood most used for decoration due to its many good points. It supports climate change very well, has a good natural brightness and can be used with both large and small projects in the most different types of space. We selected some different projects using

Shoes Life Hacks In this post we selected very intelligent tips to help you keep your shoes always new and comfortable in any situation. Have a look and choose your favorite ones! Making leather Shoes Bigger If your leather shoes are too tight, put on a pair of thick socks and then use a hair

DIY Straws Decoration It’s been some time since straws are being used to other things apart of its normal function. People can use them to create different objects and ornaments to decorate their house and parties. Made of paper or plastic, they can turn any type of celebration, meeting or even a simple table into

DIY Rustic Decoration The rustic decoration is something that never goes out of style, but nowadays is getting even more attention, especially in wedding parties. Being rustic it is not only filling the place with wood things, it is much more than that. The details need to be thought carefully to make a harmonious and

DIY Christmas Lights Decoration Everyone loves Christmas lights! But after Christmas time, they lose their utility and do not have much use. So how about finding creative ways to reuse them? Beautiful lighting can make all the difference when it comes to decorating a special corner of your house or a party! Here we choose

Repurposing Old Cribs The baby has grown and the crib will not be useful anymore? How about giving a new utility to it? We selected creative ideas to inspire you in this work of transforming an old and now useless object in a new piece of furniture for your home. Kids Table If you remove

DIY String Ball Ornaments If you are looking something original that comes out of the traditional to decorate your parties or a special corner of your house, string balls are perfect! They are really easy to make, cheap and incredibly beautiful to be used in different ways and situations. The best part is that you

Have a look on our easy step by step tutorial for you to learn how to make beautiful paper pom-poms to decorate your parties and celebrations. These instructions can be used to make both crepe and tissue paper pompons and in the end you can hang them or just put on a table to decorate

DIY Reusing Wooden Crates The wooden crates are so versatile that can be used to create dozens of different things. Used in the natural, varnished or painted, these boxes can make the difference in the most varied corners of your house and bring a style to your home worthy of a magazine. See in this

Organizing Toys Cars Organizing children’s toys is not an easy task and, apart of organizing, it is important to be aware that toys need to be accessible to children so they can play and put them back after all. . If you are a super organized person and like everything in its proper place, you

DIY: Toys Using Shoe Box Football Table A nice idea to keep your kids busy with a fun game is making them a football table using shoe box and some clothespins. Open the laterals of the box to create the goals, stick some skewers on the other two laterals and put the clothespins to make

Repurposing Shoes Organizer 1 – Food You can organize your kitchen using a shoe organizer to store packages of snacks, cookies, sweets and even fruits and vegetables! This will let the food easy to find and accessible for kids! 2- Cleaning Products No space for your cleaning products? Use the back of the door and

Learn how to make a basket made of rope to store small objects in your house and keep the rooms more organized and beautiful. This idea can also be used as gift storage since the basket is perfect to place small gifts like candies, flowers and small toys. Materials (photo 1): Ceramic Bowl (size of

Amazing Oversized Clocks Looking for a wall decor element that will bring a modern and unique look for your house? An oversized clock is a perfect idea to fill a large wall space in any room of the house and keep your life in the right time! Here we have creative and curious ideas that

DIY Recycling Old Trays Nowadays trays are not used only to serve but also as a decorative object at home. It doesn’t matter if it is to place some toiletries in the bathroom, perfumes in the bedroom or small vases and books in the living room; a beautiful tray always brings a charm and a

DIY: Creative Nativity Scenes Originality is a must-have element for Christmas. Especially if you have small children at home. A fun way to entertain the youngest ones is to replace the classic nativity scene for new ones made of creative and unusual materials. In this article we will show you some ideas. Stone Nativity Scene

Reusing Bottle Caps Bottle caps are an amazing material to be reused. In this post we are going to show some ideas to create games and toys for your kids using as main material bottle caps (plastic or metal ones). The ideas here are, apart of fun, educational! And they will help your kids develop