DIY Teenager Theme Party

While we easily find the most diverse themes for children’s parties, themes for teen/tweens parties require a little more research and creativity. After all, they are no longer so kids, but still enjoy fun and exciting parties to celebrate their special date with their friends. We selected 8 creative theme party ideas for people in their teens and 20’s that will please even the most difficult teenager.

Glow In The Dark Party

Parties are getting more and more modern and the nightclub style is very used in celebrations, especially for young people. To make a birthday party in great style, you can throw a “Glow In the Dark Party”. Use black lights and lots of neoncolor things to make everything shine. White clothes are perfect for this type of party and put some glow sticks inside the balloons to make them glow!


Paris Party

A party in the French capital is the dream of any romantic girl! What about using Paris as the themeof a charming and verygirly birthday party? The decoration must reproduce the elegance of the “city of light” with lots of flowers, perfumes bottles and stylists stuff. Don’t forget the elegant food and the memorable places from Paris as the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre.


Hawaiian Party

What teens love more than having fun at the beach? Now imagine if it is in a beach paradise like the Hawaii? For the ones planning to throw abirthday party with the Hawaiian theme, you can invest in almost everything: colors, ornaments, fun. The theme brings a natural environment, so invest in flowers, fruits, greens, beach elements and everything that can take your guest to Hawaii.


Hollywood Party

Usually teens are crazy about movies and the glamour of Hollywood and you can use this as anice theme for a birthday party! The main point here is torecreate the atmosphere of a Hollywood event with lots of style and movie elements. The red carpet is a must-have element together with the stars, clapperboards and the Academy Awards statue.


Instagram Party

One of the most famous apps between the young ones can bea perfect theme for a modern and fun birthday party! As Instagram is an app for photos, some elements that cannot be out are photo props and the app Logo (a camera, of course!). Another nice idea is making a nice place with a creative backdrop (see ideas here: ) to the guests take pictures and post on their own Instagram.


Disco Party

Even though this is not an updated theme for a teen party it is still perfect to be used! What about showing your teen and their friends how you used to party in the old times? Bring the disco groove fun to your house with iconic elements from the 70’s as the disco ball, the neon things and the bell bottoms! I’m sure they will love it!


Rock Star Party

If you have a rock and roll lover at home you can throw a rock theme party usingsome nice decoration ideas. Elements from music as vinyl, CD’s, headphones, speakers and musical instruments can be used to a creative décor. You can also use the logo from some famous rock bands to decorate the table and don’t forget to select a nice soundtrack list!


Peace and Love Party

Again an old theme can be used as a party for your teens due its colorful style and fun environment. Ahippie party brings together the best of the spirit “peace and love” with vivid colors and fun elements that can be used for both boys and girls. Flowers, beads, and tie-dye fabric are perfect to be used in this theme. Oh, and don’t forget the iconic peace symbol that was the face of the hippie movement.