Creative uses for Vinyl Records

Created in the early years of the 20th century to serve as a store of sounds and songs, vinyl records lost their function in the final years on the same century when they were replaced for something more modern and compact: the CD. However, the vinyl records are still loved by lots of people who like to use old objects to decorate their home. In this post, we will show you four DIY projects using old vinyl records as base to creative and beautiful decorative pieces that will bring an elegant and vintage style to your house.

First of all, it is important to mention that vinyl records are made of a substance called polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and a respiratory protection is always necessary when you are cutting or drilling it. It is also an easy flammable material, so never leave it unattended while you are doing the projects. Your safety is always in first place!

Magazine Stand

You can make a cool magazine stand using only some old vinyl records and hot water. Boil some water and carefully pour it in a tray holding the record straight up. The material will soften so you will use a cutting board to make pressure on the record while you are warping it. After the record gets the correct shape, remove it from the hot water and let it cold. Now it is only hang them in a wall using a drilling and some nails and place your magazines and newspapers there.

Reusing old vinyl records 1

Dessert Stand

Perfect for themed parties, the vinyl records stands can bring lots of charm and style to any table decoration. To make it you will need 3 vinyl records of different sizes and a cake stand kit: rolls, screws and washers (you can buy them in sites as e-bay and amazon). Now you only need to build the stand using the washers to tighten the rolls in the record hole. You can put some stick felt pads under the records to protect the bottom of your stand.

Reusing old vinyl records 2

Vinyl Bowls

Very easy to do, vinyl bowls are perfect to put some snacks in a party or to decorate your dinner table with some fruits inside. Preheat your oven around 185° C for ten minutes and place a cooking tray with a large metal bowl upside down inside it. Wait five minutes until the bowl gets hot and place the record on the top of it. When you see the record is dropping over the bowl and pliable enough to shape, takes it out from the oven and put it immediately inside the bowl (use protective gloves) to shape it better. Let your vinyl record cool and take it out from the metal bowl.

Reusing old vinyl records 3

Vinyl Record Clock

If you need a clock but are looking for something different from the usual ones, you can try this project. Really easy and cheap, a vinyl record clock is a wonderful option for the fans of music and vintage objects. To make your clock you will only need a vinyl record and a clock kit (you can buy this one in department stores). Use the hole of the vinyl to build the clock as it is explained in its package. You can glue the numbers that come with the kit using instant glue or make your own numbers.

Reusing old vinyl records 4