DIY Using Wooden Boxes

What can you do with old wooden boxes? The answer is: MANY things! Certainly they are not the best wood you will ever find but what about giving them a chance to become something useful and new at home? In this DIY projectyou will find some simple and cheap ideas totransform old wooden boxes into new and creative objectsto your house.

Old wooden boxes are perfect to give a vintage and rustic style to the decoration of your room. The most common are the ones used to carry vegetables and fruits at the market, but you can also find some older and more elegant ones that used to serve as storage for wine glass bottles. For all the projects it is good to treat the wood first to increase the durability of your work. To do this you will need to follow some steps:

After treating your wooden boxes, they are ready to be transformed in a nice object to your home! You can use them with the natural color or apply some paint of your choice! Here are the ideas:

Coffee Table

You cantransform your old boxes in a nice coffee table to your living room or balcony. If you have a small space you can use a box upside down to create your table. Now, if you have a big space, you can use four boxes together to create a bigger one. This last option is nice because beyond being acoffee table you can also store some small objects in the open parts and place a nice vase in the center of the table.

Reusing old wooden boxes at home coffee table


It is a perfect idea reusing wooden boxes to create some extra shelves at home. You can pin them together to make a single piece or fix them separately on a wall for individual shelves. Apart of creative this idea is really useful to organizeplaces as gardens, garages, pantries and even kids room.

Reusing old wooden boxes at home shelves

Reusing old wooden boxes at home shelves

Reusing old wooden boxes at home shelves


If you don’t have a biggarden and wish you could plant some vegetables at home this is the solution. You can use wooden boxes to plantsome of your favorite herbs, spices and greenery and have them always near you when you are cooking. You can also plant flowers or other ornamental plants as the boxes have a good size for many of them.

Reusing old wooden boxes at home planters


Trays are nice objects to have at home. Decorative and useful, you can use them to serve foods and drinks, to place kitchen stuff or to organize small things ascraft objects, make up, sewing tools… However, to create a tray of a wooden boxyou will need to make some adaptations in it but they are simple and cheap. You can add a handle to your tray using pieces of wood and make it easier to carry or you can also cut the box to make it shorter and better to serve drinks and meals. A picnic tray is a nice idea to create with kids…. They will love it!

Reusing old wooden boxes at home trays

Pet stuff

If you have pets as cats and dogs you can reuse old wooden boxesto create something for them. If you add an old cushion or pillow inside the box it will become a comfortable and cutebed for your pet. You can add some old drawer knobs under the box to make it more stylish. If your pet already has a bed, you can create a refectory for him! It is just make two holes on the bottom of the box (the holes must be smaller than your pet´s feeder) and place your pet´s water and food in them.

Reusing old wooden boxes at home pet stuff