Organize Your Life

Shoes boxes are something we always have left over at our home (especially if you are a women). Dozens of shoes box are stored in some corner of house or thrown in the bin every time we buy new shoes or decide to get rid of old ones. However, the next time a useless shoes box appear in front of you don’t waste it! In this article we will show you how to reuse shoe boxes in a creative and useful way that will help you in the organization of your home and make your life simple.

Drawer Shoes Box Organizer

Use entire or cut shoe boxes to create some separated parts in your drawer. They are perfect to store small pieces of clothes as underwear, socks, ties and kids ‘clothes.

Reusing shoes box to organize your home 4

**Cables *Shoes Box* Organizer**

Nowadays cables and chargers are what we have most in our home! Sometimes they become a mess, accumulating dirty and dust. If you want to keep them in a safe place and also let your home free of that visual mess you can use shoes boxto do that. Make some holes in the box to let cables pass and charge your electronic devices in an easily and practical way.

Reusing shoes box to organize your home 1

Ribbons Shoes Box Organizer

Are you a craft lover and have lots of craft materials around your house? One simple and easy way to organize all that ribbon rolls is using ashoes box! Make some holes or a horizontal cut in the length of the box to let the ribbons pass through. This will make your life easier next time you need them and will avoid the mess around the house!

Reusing shoes box to organize your home 2

**Desk **Shoes BoxOrganizer

Do you have kids at home? So you know they love all that craft materials related to art: pencils, pens, scissors, glue, crayons, brushes… One way to organize them is using a shoes box and lots of toilet paper rolls. Place the rolls inside the box and use each one to place the craft materials. You can also make some holes on the box cover and place the material in it!

Reusing shoes box to organize your home 3